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A Taste of Food and Flavours

  A Taste of Food and Flavours   On Friday night a small group of close friends of Italian Food and Flavours got together for a promotional evening which focused on the jewel in the crown of this project…namely Fabio and his creativity. He presented us with a series of antipasti which although traditional through […]


Lets go Crazy – It’s Carnevale time!

Italian Food and Flavours Carnevale This pre Lent festival is a celebration of excess, feasting, fancy dress parades, masked balls and the throwing of confetti. It is a time for Italians to let their hair down before the serious business of lent begins, and the run up to Easter. Interestingly, it’s the only time I […]


Cauliflower risotto Risotto, ai Cavolfiore Romanesco

Italian Food and Flavours Cauliflower risotto, ai Cavolfiore Romanesco A  cauliflower risotto is the ultimate comfort food on a winter’s day. The pointy, bright green Romanesco cauliflower is ready to crop from the orto now and is filling the shelves of  greengrocers all over Le Marche. It is much tastier than the white cauliflower and a […]