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Cherry sorbet recipe: Ciliegie sorbetto

We are in the middle of an early summer heatwave here in Le Marche and many are heading for the sandy beaches and calm seas of the Adriatic. As well as a passeggiata along the beach another must do activity is eating a gelato. There are some excellent artisan ice cream cafes along the coast where the gelato is just delicious with no artificial flavourings or colourings. One of our favourites, where we are now greeted by the owners like old friends is Cafe Crystal in Grottammare. When you’re in the area, try it and I can guarantee that you’ll be back for more.

For my cherry sorbet recipe I didn’t feel like using cream so I created a fresh, zingy sorbet with some sweet cherries and without the use of an ice cream maker I simply placed it in the freezer and stirred it every half an hour until frozen – easy and cherrylicious!

Cherry Sorbet Recipe: Ciliegie sorbetto

A summer sorbet, delicious on its own or with a dash of limoncello or vodka

900g fresh pitted cherries
225ml water
2-4 tablespoons icing sugar ( depending on how sweet you want it)
one tablespoon of lemon juice


Puree the cherries with the water and sugar.
Strain through a fine mesh, pressing carefully to extract all the liquid
Process in an ice cream maker or simply pour into a fairly shallow dish or baking tin and place on a level surface in your freezer.
Every 30 minutes or so, give it a stir until it evenly freezes
this should take about 2-3 hours.

Serve with some fresh cherries and a glug of limoncello or vodka or whatever you fancy enjoy a delicious cherry sorbet recipe!


Recipe by Debby: from Italian Food and Flavours