Fava beans recipe

Fava beans recipe

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Fava beans recipe Cossignanese: Fabio


This fava beans recipe is simple but delicious, when I was a boy my mother used to make this all the time in the spring and like many young boys I was reluctant to eat my vegetables. Now though it has become one of my favourite recipes, I cannot wait for the new fava beans and as soon as they are ready in the garden i make this delightful and yet simple dish.

Fava beans recipe


1 kg fava (fresh broad beans)

plenty of good quality olive oil

finely chopped garlic – to taste

splash of white wine vinegar


fresh mint leaves some chopped some for garnish


Simply boil the beans in water until they are soft, this will depend on how young and fresh they are. The newest beans need only a couple of minutes, older beans have thicker skins which should be removed, it is easily done. When the older beans are soft, five minutes or so, as soon as you can handle them, squeeze gently between thumb and forefinger and the bean will pop out of it skin. Add all the hot cooked beans to a bowl containing all the other ingredients and toss together, let the flavours mingle for five to ten minutes and serve still warm.

 I like to add a little balsamic vinegar dressing or for variety a little sweet chili sauce.

enjoy! Fabio 

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