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Fresh Pasta Tagliatelle

  • Pouring the eggs into the mound of flour

  • Kneading the pasta dough

  • Rolling out

  • Slicing the rolled up dough into tagliatelle strips

  • Freshly made pasta tagliatelle

    Fresh Pasta Tagliatelle
  • Heaps of tagliatelle ribbons ready to be cooked

Fresh Pasta Tagliatelle

Tagliatelle is a ribbon shaped pasta  and a traditional shape of pasta in Le Marche. This is a freshly made egg pasta that goes perfectly with the typical meaty, Le Marche ragu sauce.
Making pasta from scratch is something that requires patience and skill and with Fabio’s careful guidance through each step of the process we can all produce the best and freshest pasta we have ever tasted. Homemade is going to taste sooo much better then the most expensive pasta you can purchase! A lesson with Fabio gives you the confidence to go home and try making it again and practising what you’ve learnt. You will begin to feel when the dough is ready and with the rolling out where the pressure is needed and what a work out your upper arms get with the rolling out to a paper thin sheet!

You need very few ingredients but some basic equipment is really useful. A fairly large and smooth wooden board – Fabio’s is specially made for him with an edge that clips over the side of the work table so it doesn’t move about but a large Ikea wooden board is ok to start with. Then a long wooden rolling pin for making big sheets of pasta (enough to feed the family and/or guests) Boards and rolling pins can be bought on Amazon.  No pasta machines here – all made by hand.

I always thought that my marble table would be a great surface but Fabio tells me that wood on wood is best to get a better texture to the finished result and is just easier to manage the rolling out. This is also how his mamma made it and it is the way fresh pasta in Le Marche is made.

Depending on the temperature of the room , the general humidty and the size of the eggs,  the amount of flour needed to produce a perfect ball of dough may differ. The flour used is an Italian 00 flour, so fine and powdery that it produces lovely silky and supple pasta. If you can’t get hold of it, then the most finely milled flour you can buy should do the trick.









Fresh  Pasta Tagliatelle




A recipe for  fresh egg pasta tagliatelle

Ingredients (enough for one person so scale up to required amount)

100g 00 extra fine flour

1 egg

splash of olive oil

pinch of salt


Place the flour in a mound shape in the middle of the board

Make a well in the flour and break in the eggs, add oil and salt.

Mix carefully with a fork to break up the egg keeping within the well. 

Combine the flour little by little from the edges without letting the egg mixture escape from the well. Once the mixture becomes reasonably solid use your fingers to add in all the remaining flour.

Knead the dough on a floured board until homogeneous and elastic, smooth and supple –  do not knead beyond this point.
Cut the dough in half to check that the interior is smooth all the way through.

Cut again and make 4 equal sized balls, roll in your hands and pinch together each ball at the base.

Cover and refrigerate for atleast 15 mins.

On a lightly floured board roll out until less than a mm thick. You should be able to see the board through the pasta. The technique for rolling out needs practise but basically roll out from the centre of the dough with even and firm pressure on the middle of the rolling pin.

Roll up the sheet of pasta as if rolling a pancake or crepe and slice through with a sharp knife into 5mm thick slices.

Gently pick up the strips to create the pasta strips and toss lightly with extra flour to prevent them sticking

Leave to dry but do not allow to become so dry that the strips crack and break.

Drop into boiling salted water for 2/3 minutes only.

Combine with your chosen sauce and eat immediately!


Recipe by Fabio: from Italian Food and Flavours


  • Fabio’s pasta tagliatelle class