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“I read recipes the same way I read science fiction. I get to the end and say to myself  “well, that’s not going to happen”

Rita Rudner

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Welcome to our Italian food blog. We post regular blogs related to our region, its food, cultural events and seasonal activities. If you are planning a visit to Le Marche, have booked one of our cooking holidays or just like to be kept up to date with this beautiful region of Italy then please bookmark, this page and come back regularly to check out what is happening. We are passionate about our area, the reason we live and work here is because having explored all regions of Italy we sincerely believe our part of Le Marche has more to offer than any other. And yes we know this is a huge claim and no we don’t consider it hyperbola. A friend of ours viewed over 100 houses in all parts of Italy before choosing a lovely place right here!

elderflower cordial recipe

Elderflower cordial recipe

                Italian Food and flavours Elderflower cordial recipe Now that spring is in full voice, the mornings are filled with birdsong and the scent from the herb garden. We are lucky to have a couple of magnificent Elderflower trees that provide blooms and berries at various times of […]

The descent from the cross

The descent from the cross, The Church of the Annunciation, Cossignano

Italian Food and Flavours La Deposizione, La Chiesa Dell’Annunziata, Cossignano The descent from the cross, The Church of the Annunciation, Cossignano One of the great delights of visiting central Italy is the chance finding of outstanding public art work. Despite the world economic recession hitting Italy harder than most and despite Italy’s own well published […]

Rosemary and Garlic Focaccia

Rosemary and Garlic Focaccia

Italian Food and Flavours Rosemary and Garlic Focaccia The best thing about baking this bread is the aroma of rosemary and garlic which fills the kitchen. I use rosemary straight from my garden and at this time of year only the freshest new growth from the ends of the stems. Rosemary is so versatile and […]

Torta al Limone

Lemon Cheesecake/ Torta al Limone

Italian Food and Flavours Torta al Limone Torta al Limone: As the temperatures begin to rise in Le Marche the potted lemon trees can be put outside. Down at the coast lemon trees grow quite happily in the ground but as we are in the hills we need to protect them from frost. Funny thing […]

Crescia di Pasqua

Crescia di Pasqua/ Le Marche Cheese Easter Bread

Italian Food and Flavours Crescia di Pasqua Crescia di Pasqua. This typical Le Marche Easter bread is actually so rich that it is more like a cake – a huge cheese filled and rather moreish cake that when baking fills the kitchen with a lovely aroma. It is traditionally eaten at Easter, after the period […]

Wild Asparagus

Foraging For Wild Asparagus

    Italian Food and Flavours   Wild Asparagus     I admit I am a little addicted to foraging for wild asparagus. As soon as I spot a purply-green shoot thrusting itself up between the undergrowth I can’t resist donning a thick pair of gloves, as the rest of the plant is spiky, and […]

Homemade Nutella

Hazelnut and Dark Chocolate Spread – Homemade Nutella

Italian Food and Flavours Homemade Nutella   Homemade Nutella. One can’t escape from Nutella here in italy and Le Marche. It seems a staple food in Italy and Le Marche and even turns up in a pizza at a local pizzeria! My kids and their Italian friends can’t seem to get enough of it and […]

Tartare di filetto di manzo al tartufo

Tartare di filetto di manzo al tartufo: Steak tartar with truffle

Italian Food and Flavours   Tartare di filetto di manzo al tartufo: Steak tartar with truffle   Preparation for Tartare di filetto di manzo al tartufo is very easy and very fast. This fresh dish is ideal for when the weather warms up in the spring and summer seasons. Make sure you only use the […]


Tripe : Le Marche

Italian Food and Flavours Le Marche Tripe Tripe is a dish known throughout Italy from north to south. Each area has its own variations on cooking and preparations. I was personally inspired as a young boy to create this delicious dish and I learned the recipe from my grandmother Luigina a lady of just 90 […]

Urtica dioica Nettle

Urtica dioica Nettle

  Italan food and flavours Urtica dioica Nettle        Urtica dioica Nettle:  All round good guy…ok apart from if you fall out of a tree and into a patch of them, wearing only pants, like my mum did when she was little. What are we talking about? Obviously nettles. Or are they obvious? […]


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