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Organic Farm Restaurant : La Bibioteca

  • Spicy pulled pork with a salad of fennel and apple

Yesterday evening I was privileged to be invited to the opening of La Bibioteca, an exciting organic farm restaurant in Le Marche run by Sophie and Filipe. They also run an organic farm along with other family members. As well as growing a range of vegetables on specially prepared terraces, they  raise pigs, sheep, chickens and even keep bees. Their enthusiasm and energy for their vision is admirable and they work very hard but obviously thoroughly enjoy the challenge. They plan to also give work shops in organic farming in the future. It was their dream to combine farming and cooking – their two passions and in Le Marche they have found their special place.

Sophie and Filipe’s mission statement is to provide a welcoming dining atmosphere with immaculately prepared and presented dishes, which reflect their international experiences as professional chefs. Moreover as much as possible is directly farm to table and organic!

You can read more about the farm and La Bibioteca on their website below:

The 5 course tasting menu  was delicious : I opted for the meat menu but the vegetarian option, I heard was also delicious!

Starting with a hearty, delicately spiced lentil soup, followed by monk fish served on a sauce so good that our table couldn’t resist asking for bread to mop it up with!

The next dish was pulled pork combined with the fresh, crisp tang of apple and fennel. This was my favourite dish. Authentic ‘farm to table,’ as the free range pigs are raised on the farm.

After this we enjoyed two small falafel balls, again tasty and beautifully presented. Unfortunately, one of our table occupants in attempting to spear the ball on her fork, instead propelled it across the restaurant!

After this hilarity, we finished with a desert made from spinach! So good that I shall be begging them for the recipe!

On top of the cake was perched a perfect sour berry –  I’ve forgotten the name – maybe because of the organic wine I had also been sampling and enjoying.

I really hope that in the future we can introduce our Italian Food and Flavours guests to Indaco Organic farm and La Bibioteca. If you’re a foodie like me, then the principles behind organic farming and animal rearing, as well as the superior products produced are the ultimate! 

Ps The berry was an Inca Berry, a berry native to Peru and grown on the farm!


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