A herald of spring in deepest November..

Italian Food and Flavours

..spring peas are pushing upwards towards the winter sun and with them the reminder that the cold weather is soon over and outdoor living will be upon us again..including of course fine dining and delicious dishes of spring vegetables cooked as only the Italians know how.
One of Fabio’s preferred dishes using fresh peas is a combination of crisp newly picked broadbeans, melt in the mouth peas and the intense earthy flavours of young artichokes cooked to perfection with herbs and just a splash of the local white wine. This makes a simple but gratifying anti-pasto or contorno that would impress even the most die-hard “foodie” in your life.
Of course you will have to wait for Spring to sample this delicacy other than with your imagination. If your tastebuds have been woken up from hibernation by the thought of sweet young peas, a winter alternative using the frozen remainders of a bumper crop could include tender pea omelettes or a puree of peas, garlic, fresh new olive oil and your favourite herbs in which to dip chunks of toasted crusty bread in front of a roaring log fire….
Watch this space for a profusion of mouth watering recipes using the simple but high quality ingredients that the Italian countryside is renowned for.