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fava e piselli


A few weeks ago we posted “A herald of spring in deepest November” a blog about Fabio’s dish of fresh spring peas with artichokes. Here is a variation on the theme using anchovies with the Fava beans. Not quite “liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti” but tasty none the less!

This Le Marche recipe, inspired by the wish to make a healthy, green dish for lunch and by looking through my freezer to discover: freshly frozen fava and peas from my summer orto  (vegetable garden) which can be briefly cooked from frozen to create a healthy, speedy salad.


two handfuls of frozen fava beans

two handfuls of peas


extra virgin olive oil

white wine vinegar

a garlic clove

Pecorino cheese ( a local Le Marche sheep’s cheese )


Boil the fava beans for 5 minutes, then run under the cold tap. They they pop out of their dull outer skins easily to reveal a fresh green inner bean. Boil the peas from frozen for three minutes and allow to cool.

Meanwhile make a dressing with 4/5 crushed anchovies, a garlic clove, olive oil and vinegar (with a ratio of 1:5 vinegar to oil) with some freshly milled black pepper. No salt required as the anchovies provide a lovely kick to the dressing.

Simply mix the beans, peas and dressing together. arrange on a serving dish and garnish with shavings of pecorino cheese.

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