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“I read recipes the same way I read science fiction. I get to the end and say to myself  “well, that’s not going to happen”

Rita Rudner

Italian Food and Flavours: Italian Food Blog

Welcome to our Italian food blog. We post regular blogs related to our region, its food, cultural events and seasonal activities. If you are planning a visit to Le Marche, have booked one of our cooking holidays or just like to be kept up to date with this beautiful region of Italy then please bookmark, this page and come back regularly to check out what is happening. We are passionate about our area, the reason we live and work here is because having explored all regions of Italy we sincerely believe our part of Le Marche has more to offer than any other. And yes we know this is a huge claim and no we don’t consider it hyperbola. A friend of ours viewed over 100 houses in all parts of Italy before choosing a lovely place right here!

A walk on the wild side..

Italian Food and Flavours   On our facebook page last week we touched on the more flippant, culinary aspect of the wild boar cull that was under way by the corpo forestale. However, as in hunting of any kind there will always be the proponents of pros and cons on an ethical and practical level […]

figs and almonds

If they’re good enough for the gods…

Italian Food and Flavours Autumn fruits and religion seem to go hand in hand through myth and legend. According to mythology the fig tree was created by Gaia the Mother Earth, to hide her son Syceus who was a giant fleeing from the wrath of Zeus. Perhaps that explains why each year I am faced with pruning back […]


Red gold.

Italian Food and Flavours Passata…passed (sieved) tomatoes..once up a time a laborious task and possibly limited to a small proportion of the tomato crop while the rest would simply have been bottled whole. Nowadays thanks to these lovely stainless steel, easy to clean, effort free machines the kilos and kilos of rich tangy and sweet […]

pea plant

A herald of spring in deepest November..

Italian Food and Flavours ..spring peas are pushing upwards towards the winter sun and with them the reminder that the cold weather is soon over and outdoor living will be upon us again..including of course fine dining and delicious dishes of spring vegetables cooked as only the Italians know how. One of Fabio’s preferred dishes […]

italian food blog

Italian food blog: Faggotini

Italian Food and Flavours Italian food blog: Faggotini (Italian food parcels of wonder) Faggotini are another specialty Italian food from the Ascoli region that we are pleased to include on our Italian food blog. They are small thin pancakes stuffed with a mixed meat filling severed with a bechamel sauce. Faggotini are served as a primo (first/pasta course) or as […]


Olive Ascolana

  Italian Food and Flavours Olive Ascolana (Stuffed Ascoli Olives) Olive ascolana. These amazing little delights are a speciality Italian food of our region, Le Marche. It is unlikely you will have found them anywhere else in Italy, never mind the rest of the world. The only ingredient that you will find difficult to get hold […]


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