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Italy cooking school

“Everything you see I owe to spaghetti.”

Sophia Loren

Italy cooking school

The focus of your Food and Flavours Italy cooking school is learning how to cook Italian food in the land in which the cuisine was created. Understanding what makes Italian food – and wine – special is all about meeting and understanding the Italians that create it and the countryside from which it emerges.

On your week long Italy cooking school adventure you will have the opportunity to meet with artisan producers and specialist wine makers in their workplace. You will see how they weave their magic and have the opportunity to have a go yourself and then to taste the specialist products. In addition you will learn how to turn the wonderful local fresh ingredients into traditional and more modern dishes. Taught by a local restauranteur and chef you will learn the secrets of creating the tastes, textures and flavours of Italy

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better you then get to take home a selection of authentic recipes and techniques to help you recreate what you have learned on your cooking travel back home.

Le Marche is an unspoiled region of Italy. It is rich in tradition and the locals are justly proud of their heritage. As with many Italian regions Le Marche retains its cultural differences and while clearly Italian in language, architecture and landscape, many local customs are unique to the region. Not least of these differences is the local cuisine which of course our cooking travel in Italy holidays are designed to explore.

One of the highlights of your Italy cooking school week will be experiencing recipes and tastes that will almost certainly be new. As well as the traditional local dishes you will also have the opportunity to visit at least one of the new specialist wine producers. The soil, climate and landscape of the area around Cossingano are ideal for vineyards and enterprising new producers have learned how to exploit these favourable conditions to produce outstanding new wines. With our cooking travel in Italy holidays you will taste some of the finest foods and wines available.

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Free Authentic Italian Recipes

Aniseed Ring Cake

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