Singles: Slow Food: Sustainable Travel

Singles food tour Italy

Singles: Slow food: Sustainable travel

“You know what they call a Quarter Pounder with cheese in France?”

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Food tour Italy: Singles

We are very aware that there are many people who for lots of different reasons take their holidays on their own or with a friend or group of friends. Some of us here at Italian Food and Flavours and many of our friends are just such people!
We feel it is unfair to penalise single travellers with so called supplements, why not call them what they are extra charges!.
Because we believe everybody should be treated equally, we decided from the outset that we were going to make all our holidays suitable for as many people as we could and that means no extra charge for single holiday makers. So if you are a single traveler, on your own, or traveling with friends, you will find that our food tour Italy holidays are made with the single traveller in mind and we will endeavour to ensure your holiday experience is one that will remain with you long after you return home.

Sustainable Travel

Food tour Italy: Sustainable Travel

One of the reasons we all live and work in this part of Italy is that it offers us the opportunity to live in a community where the environment is valued. Rural communities in Italy tend to have a closer connection to the land than those who choose to live in more urban environments. Partly this is tradition, partly to do with the extended family unit and partly because it is more practical to live this way.
The local diet is very much dependant on seasonal produce. The only large supermarkets where imported food stuffs can be found are some distance away and even they have a much stronger focus on locally produced produce than is the case in Uk or US supermarkets. Most locals will shop locally and buy what is on offer, luckily the climate in the fertile valleys is mild most of the year, the land fertile and the local producers, versatile. Many different product are produced all year round but the seasonal variations are highly valued. and when the season moves on and one particular product is no longer available on the shelves of the local greengrocer another will have replaced it.
All this attention on locally produced food means that there are virtually no air miles involved. Farmers locally are aware of the value of organic methods, both financial and quality and there is a burgeoning “biologicica” (organics) movement in the region for meat, crops and wine.
Traditionally rural Italians have either been farmers, worked on farms or lived in farming communities. It is therefore not difficult to understand how and why individuals have such affinity with the land, what is grown and what you can do with it. This extends beyond the food and wine that is produced. Many local people retain knowledge of the medicinal properties that herbs, flowers and berries possess as well as the dangerous qualities of some. Knowledge of what to collect, where to find it and what to do with it have been passed down through the ages. The sort of knowledge that so many are now seeking and learning about fro books, courses and TV programmes, has never been lost in this region.
One of the delights of the region as in many parts of Italy is the local custom of the “Sagra” a festival of food and or drink that each town and village will celebrate. The local Sagra will often highlight a speciality or particular product for which the town is renowned. The large town will have several events during the year to coincide with the relevant season.
All these factors mean that the region around Cossignano is carefully and sustainably managed and that on our groups and singles food tour Italy week you will have the opportunity to experience firsthand some of the food producing methods that help to maintain this culture.

Slow Food

Food tour Italy: Slow Food

As a reaction against the fast food culture and in an effort to maintain the traditional and diverse food culture native to Italy the concept of Slow Food was invented. Now as well as being an important administrative body that supports many and various food and wine activities, slow food as a concept is being embraced as a culture well beyond the borders of Italy.

Of course it is not a new idea. In a very real sense all traditional Italian food is slow. Shoppers are slow to choose the best and freshest, taking time to talk to shopkeepers who take pride in knowing the provenance and preparation of their wares. Many foods like wines take time to prepare and mature and the care and attention to detail in their development is what makes them so prized. Cooks and Chefs are also in no hurry, knowing as they do that careful preparation, marinating and cooking takes time and dedication.
Food in Italy is not something to be rushed. On our Italian Food and Flavours food tour Italy you will be able to experience the Italian food culture at first hand.

Italians know the value of good food and wine and as someone famous once said:

“Italians don’t eat to live, they live to eat!”

Prices and Dates

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Prices and Dates

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