A Taste of Food and Flavours

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A Taste of Food and Flavours


On Friday night a small group of close friends of Italian Food and Flavours got together for a promotional evening which focused on the jewel in the crown of this project…namely Fabio and his creativity. He presented us with a series of antipasti which although traditional through and through, had been tweaked as only he knows how, bringing the dishes up to the 21st century sophistication that fine diners demand. As always the dishes are kept simple yet ooze elegance thanks to the quality of the ingredients that he has combined.

Anti-pasti in this part of Italy have their roots in a past where meat was a luxury and lean heavily towards vegetable based dishes. However, since it is February and in keeping with the traditional theme, one dish in particular had everybody guessing. At this time of year the family pig would inevitably meet his maker and in times gone by when famine was rife, NOTHING was wasted. The blood from the pig would be carefully collected and cooked with onions, orange rind and a selection of herbs and spices, producing a surprisingly delicate dish that had Friday’s guests enthusing about the delicious “liver”. Even when the more squeamish amongst the guests, discovered the dish’s true nature they went back for seconds. Testament indeed as to why it is all important that these old fashioned recipes are kept alive and well in the restaurants of Le Marche.

Photo middle right shows the tangy orange flavoured blood pudding – an authentic Le Marche dish

Photo middle left shows roasted fennel with onions – an aromatic vegetable, gorgeous roasted with extra virgin olive oil

Photo bottom left shows another vegetarian dish of red cabbage with walnuts

Photo bottom right shows pork fillets with caramelised onions

We also enjoyed :

Frittura of olive ascolana and zucchine

Chicory and potato

Frittata (omelette)of leeks

White cabbage with chunks of salsicce (le Marche sausage)

Stuffed mushrooms with ricotta

Of course all washed down with a few glasses of local white and red wine straight from the local cantina (winery)

Grazie Fabio for a fabulous evening of tasty morsels!!



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